Sauvignon Blanc

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The 2017 vintage will definitely stand out when comparing Napa Valley vintages over years to come. The vintage began with much needed heavy rains, which contributed to a more traditional budbreak for the Mt. Veeder Estate at the beginning of April than the previous two vintages. Bloom was completed before a brief hailstorm in June, leaving a great quality crop for the growing season. Moderate summer weather, contributed to only a small difference in veraison, finishing 7 days later compared to the 2016 vintage. The picking season began at the end of August with warm consistent temperatures into mid-September, highlighting the natural acidity of the Sauvignon Blanc, the rich texture of the Semillon, and the phenolic backbone of the Sauvignon Gris.


Appellation: Mt. Veeder

Farming: 100% Estate fruit, organically grown

Harvest Dates: Starting August 28th, lasting 15 days, 7 separate picks

Aging: 49% Concrete, 37% Neutral Oak, 3% Stainless Steel

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Winemaker Notes

The Crossroads Sauvignon Blanc from Rudd Mt. Veeder Estate is a beautiful expression of what the Sauvignon Blanc grape is capable of achieving at an elevation of 1600 feet. Immediately, one’s nose is met with lovely stone fruit, hints of lime zest, and white lily which is complemented by a freshness and liveliness on the palate. Notes of peach translates from nose to palate providing a lingering texture and richness, balancing the bright acidity that follows through from beginning to end. With each further sip, the Sauvignon Blanc reveals to the taster intricate layers of complexity. Crossroads Sauvignon Blanc is intended to be appreciated upon release.