the Heritage

A true generational estate

Samantha Rudd has spent most of her life at Rudd Estate and has always felt a deep connection to the land here.With over 62 acres of planted vines in the premier Oakville and Mt. Veeder appellations, Samantha is embracing the entire Estate by reintroducing the Crossroads label to craft wines that reflect the unique geological properties and winemaking techniques available to her winegrowing team. 

Committed to the land

As stewards of exceptional land, Rudd Estate seeks to craft wines that reflect the ultimate expression of our world-class terroir – respecting traditions of the past, challenging the present, and imagining future possibilities. We dare to think differently. Our team members work together in the relentless and uncompromising pursuit of a shared singular goal: to achieve the absolute pinnacle of our land’s potential.

It is our intention that Rudd Estate embodies a sense of timelessness, passing down expertise and commitment to our vision through generations, with each generation earning the right to steward the land and accept the responsibility to do better than the preceding one.

All in the Family

At Rudd Estate, we farm our land organically and biodynamically with an in-house farming team for two primary reasons. First, to ensure the health of our land will be here for the next generation. Second, to obtain the best possible expression of our terroir. Our in-house farming team is dedicated to the year-round care of the vineyards from pruning through harvest – their meticulous attention to detail plays an essential role in realizing the potential of our land. 

the Team